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Darin M

I love filtering my storage accounts by resource group but if I create a new resource group after Cerulean is already open I can't find a way to update the cached list of resource groups so I can use it. I resort to using filter by name but it's not as convenient.


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Darin M

Ah ha! That's what I was missing. Many thanks for such a wonderful product and outstanding support all these years.

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Gaurav Mantri

Hi Darin,

Thank you for providing this feedback. One way you can accomplish this is by going to the "Resource Groups" node under your Azure Subscription (Azure Subscription -> Azure Resource Manager -> Resource Groups) and refresh it.

Now when you try to filter your storage accounts, you should see updated list of resource groups.

Please let us know if this approach would work or do you want to have a "Refresh" button next to resource groups dropdown in the filter popup?

Looking forward to hear back from you.



P.S. Many thanks for posting the first feedback :)